Café bowl

Round bowls available in 3 sizes and different colours.
Small: diameter 12 cm, depth 3 cm.
Medium: diameter 15 cm, depth 4.5 cm.
Large: diameter 21 cm, depth 5 cm.
Product code: Café bowl and your prefered size.


Round bowl available in 4 sizes and different colours.
Mini: diameter 9 cm, depth 3 cm.
Small: diameter 15 cm, depth: 5 cm.
Medium: diameter 18 cm, depth 5.5 cm.
Large: diameter 19 cm, depth: 7 cm.
Product code: Kirsten and your prefered size.

Leaf bowl

Oval dish of 18.5 cm long, 8.5 cm wide and 3 cm high.
They are available in 6 different colour combinations.
Product code: Leaf bowl

Candy bowl

Small round conical bowl available in different colours.
Diameter 10 cm, depth 6 cm.
Product code: Candy bowl. 


Round bowl available in two sizes and different colours.
Small: diameter 13.5 cm, depth 10 cm.
Large: diameter 19.5 cm, depth: 13.5 cm.
Product code: Gabi and your prefered size.