About Siyabonga

Siyabonga, founded in 2005 by Fred Koorn, imports items from South Africa. Anyone who has been to South Africa will tell enthusiastically about the beauty of the country, the kindness of the people and the amazing nature.
Finding souvenirs or gifts is a joy because such beautiful products are being made and available for purchase. The positive responses to these gifts and the repeated requests to bring back items in a subsequent visit to South Africa led to the start of the company.
Siyabonga is always looking for new items that will suit every household. Everyone, young and old, must be able to enjoy it. The range varies from exclusive interior accessories, such as handmade wooden bowls, beautiful scarves and decorative pillows, to small items such as keychains made from threading beads onto wire and fashioned into the shape of animals. Jewellery, cute picture frames and children’s cutlery are also part of the collection.
Almost all products come from rural employment projects. By purchasing the products, you will contribute to a better life for the creators. All projects are visited by Siyabonga and the working conditions are good. The employees earn a good salary and of course no child labour takes place.
In August 2008, Fred Koorn became an Individual Associate of the WFTO (formerly IFAT), the International Fair Trade Organization. In January 2017 Fred Koorn became a recognized member of the same organization.

P (eople), P (lanet) and P (rofit) must be the most important values when doing business.
About the name, Siyabonga literally means “We thank you” in the Zulu language. Siyabonga thanks you for the interest you show in our products and we hope to welcome you as a customer soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, either via telephone or e-mail.