Pottery and ceramics


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Intshiba ceramics

Much to our regret, the producer of these ceramics has been forced to cease production. Because there is not enough electricity in South Africa to supply everyone with power, everyone gets no power for several hours a day.
This means they can no longer “firing” the ceramics because during the last step in the process, the kilns shut down because the power is cut off.

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Crags ceramics

Crags  “Art of Africa” has created a unique and sophisticated collection of contemporary “raku pitfired” ceramics. Inspired by the diverse cultures and art spread across the lenght and breadth of Africa.
They are highly sought after and collected as art pieces for their quality, individuality and uniqueness.
The studio produces a range of about 140 different pieces, from small decorative art pieces to beautiful hand crafted plates and wallhangers.

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Elsona ceramics

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In daily life legend, myth, song, dance, music, ritual and custom is part of the timeless rythm of Africa, home of Afrikania an appreciation of African beauty. Expressed in the work of a colloborative of artists producing pottery of rare African style.
“SYMBOLS OF PEACE” are created by the use of unique patterns based on ancient elements form local cultures found in this magical part of the world.
By buying this art you help and contribute to community upliftment and preserve their heritage.