Stainless steel products

Stainless steel tea and espresso spoons

Teaspoons with  a variety of wildlife animals, sealife animals, birds and insects. The spoons are also made for espresso cups.
The spoons are also sold separately, so you can put together your own set.
Please contact us for the ones that are still available.
Product code: STAA01 Tea or STAA01 Espresso.


Product code: STAA02 and prefered animal

Stainless steel pot stands.

poCoaster for pans, available in rhino and hippopotamus.
Product code: STAA06 Rhino and/or
Product code: STAA06 Hippo

Rhino napkin holder

Product code: STAA04 Rhino.

Napkin holder Hippopotamus

Product code: STAA04 Hippo.

Porcupine napkin holder

Product code: STAA04 Porcupine

Napkin holder Crab

Product code: STAA04 crab.

Salad set Ostrich

Product code: STAA03 Ostrich

Salad set Elephant

Product code: STAA03 Elephant

Salad set Giraffe

Product code: STAA03 Giraffe

Salad set Snake

Product code: STAA03 Snake