Rainbow keramiek

This cheerful and colourful ceramic comes from South Africa. It is being made in an employment project in Houtbay, a suburb of Cape Town. It employs 32 people. The products are made in 3 steps. It starts with making the “bare” shape of the object. The clay is poured into moulds or from clay bowls and cups are turned. The products then go into the oven for the first time. When baked, it is sanded and the sharp edges and unevenness are removed after which it is dyed. The “painters/artists” apply the colours and decorations (spring or fish) to it. After this, the stuff goes into the oven for the second time, but the temperature of the oven rises. After this second round of baking, the enamel is applied to the work area and the items enter the oven for the third and last time, this time the temperature of the oven is about 1,300 degrees. The products are of top quality and made for daily use. A number of hotels in South Africa use it for breakfast, lunches and dinners. Because the ceramic is baked at such a high temperature it can be used in the dishwasher and microwave. The items are made in different colors and you can only find one color of each object on the website. Of course you can contact us about the other available colours.