Bowls and vases


Round Jacaranda bowl.
The bowl is  22,5 cm wide, 6 cm high. The wood of the bowl is 2 cm thick.   

Product code: Wood13.
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Vase made of  Jacaranda wood.
Dimensions: wide 22 cm, hight 16 cm. The wood of the vase is 1,5 cm thick. While designing this vase the artist wanted to keep the bark of the tree visable. Now it's the  edge of the vase.
Product code: Wood07
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Met donkere olie bewerkt, vrijwel ronde siervaas van Jacaranda hout. Diameter ongeveer 18 cm, 15cm hoog en 1 cm dik.

Bestelcode: Wood10
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Ceramic bowls

Ceramic bowls with woven sissalgrass edge.
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