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Zulu Baskets

All products are made in the rural ares of KwaZulu Natal and  each basket  is crafted individually.
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Hand painted wooden bowls

Hand painted round wooden bowls.
The bowls are available in two sizes:
Small: 24.5 cm large and 6.5 cm high, the bowl weighs 276 grams.
Medium: 30 cm large and 9 cm high, this dish weighs 530 grams.
Because they are hand painted, all bowls are different.
Product code Small : ELS 05
Product code Medium: ELS 06
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Oven glove sets

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Porcupine stick

T-Light holder made of branches of fallen trees. Decorated with porcupine sticks and guinea fowl feathers.
The T-Light candles can be replaced and used over and over again. 
Available in three sizes:
Small: approximate 13 cm tall
Medium: approximate 17 cm tall
Large: approximate 20 cm tall
Product code Small: Porcupine S
Product code Medium: Porcupine M
Product code Large: Porcupine L
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Klikety Klik boxes

Once they were plastic bottles, now they are adorable gift boxes to fill with your imagination.
Available in three sizes; baby, small and large.
Handmade with love in South-Africa.
Productcode: KliketyKlik Baby, KliketyKlik S of KliketyKlik L.
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Kiddies cutlery

The designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Africa. Brought to life through the hands of the people that make that continent such a memorable one. 
All products are made from fimo clay, and each product is crafted individually. 
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Salad servers

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