Products from recycled materials

Bags made of old PET bottles

Bags made of old PET bottles with different images.
Click here to see pictures of bags from the "African Ladies" collection
Click here for photos of bags from the "Wildlife at leasure" collection.
Click here for pictures of bags from the "Wildlife in colour" collection.
Click here for pictures of bags from the "Africa Spirit" collection.

Bicycles made of recycled aluminium cans.

The bikes are available as mountain bikes and racing bikes. They are handmade and all different.
They are between 11 cm and 14 cm long and between 6 cm and 8 cm high.
Product code: Mountainbike or Racing bike
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Bowls made of waste paper

Bowls made of scrap paper. They were made by people infected with the HIV virus.
The sizes of the bowls are:
Small: 11 cm diameter and 4.5 cm high.
Medium: 13 cm diameter and 6 cm high.
The bowls are available in different designs.
Product code bowl S: WolaS
Product code bowl M: WolaM
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Klikety Klik boxes

Once they were plastic bottles, now they are adorable gift boxes to fill with your imagination.
Available in three sizes; baby, small and large.
Handmade with love in South-Africa.
Product code: KliketyKlik Baby, KliketyKlik S of KliketyKlik L.

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